Pat on Points was started with a simple philosophy: To illustrate how any person, regardless of income, age, or status, can travel the world for fractions of typical costs and enjoy luxurious benefits reserved for only the most elite and frequent travelers.

Why travel? Because the world is a large and diverse place and it takes boundless exposure to different cultures to understand that we’re all unified by a common cause – humanity. I truly believe we can become a better society by observing, living, speaking, dining, socializing, learning, picnicking, hangover-ing, with all different cultures. For me, this is done so through traveling – from the alleys of Hong Kong to the dive bars of Williams, Arizona, I believe having a global perspective will be the unifying force of our generation.

The site publishes articles on reward point guides, trip reports, and reviews, so you can can travel more, for less and in style.

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